Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne give away

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest or to be awarded a prize

  1. HOHNER is solely responsible for the HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne give away. Entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. The HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne give away starts on 05.04. 2017 and ends on 09.04.2017 at midnight.
  3. Eligible for participation are all users registering through the online form on ozzy-playhohner.com. HOHNER employees and their relatives are excluded from the HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne give away. Entrants need to be at least 18 years or older.
  4. You understand that you are providing your information to HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding this giveaway have to be addressed to HOHNER.
  5. The prize of the HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne give away is one of three HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne Harmonicas.
  6. The HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne give away for one of three HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne Harmonicas only and does not include any other cost arising from participation.
  7. The winner will be randomly picked by HOHNERs Export Marketing Manager, Morgan Franke, within 7 days after the contest ends.
  8. The winner will be contacted by e-mail to the address entered upon registration. The winner has to contact HOHNER within 5 days, by replying to the received e-mail. This e-mail needs to include the winners contact details like phone number and e-mail address for verification.
    The price will expire, should the winner fail to contact HOHNER in time. It is then HOHNERs free choice to determine a new winner.
  9. All names and entered data of participating users will be stored and used to determine the winner. All saved data will be deleted latest 365 days after the end of the give away. Data will be used for internal market research. No data will be transmitted to a third party. The users keep their statutory right of information, withdrawal and change.
  10. HOHNER reserves the free, non-exclusive, worldwide, chronologically unrestricted, irrevocable and sub-licensable right to make comprehensive use, in any and every way, of photos, videos and comments of the winner recorded or created in relation with the give away and it´s prize.
    In particular the winner grants HOHNER the right to use, reproduce, disseminate and especially to publish the photos, videos and comments on HOHNER portals and websites, particularly on HOHNER profile pages and own channels in social networks including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
    The winner agrees that for all the above mentioned purposes, HOHNER can use the photo in combination with other works and that it may be altered and/or edited, as long as his or her personal rights are upheld. Edited versions, in particular excerpts from photos or videos, may be used as described above.
    This right is limited to use in direct relation with the HOHNER Ozzy Osbourne give away.